My Radionics Course (Exclusive for Subscribers)

First Part – PDF Tutorials

Compilation of all lessons in pdf format. Direct access to all content in an easy-to-read, multi-device format.

Second Part – Vídeo Tutorials.

Complete your training in an entertaining way with the video files that we put at your disposal.
With these video tutorials, making your own symbolic radionic device will be easy and enjoyable.

Third Part – Audio Tutorials.

A collection of audio files that you can listen to while doing any task.
Thanks to the fact that the course is multi-device, you can listen to them in your car, tablet or mobile phone.

EXTRA BONUS – Exclusive content for subscribers

A complete selection of additional ratios and graphs that will be very useful. Very complete accessory and complementary information to the course. Exclusive access with the special offer to our subscribers.

Downloads. If you proceed with the download, your money-back guarantee period will be over.

Documents available for download and printing. They are necessary to carry out the course practices and to create the symbolic functional radionic device. Remember that when you download a document the money-back guarantee loses its validity as we indicate in the advertising and in the conditions of use.