Complete Course in Applied Radionics – [English]


Complete Course in Applied Radionics – [English]


Complete Course in Applied Practical Radionics

Includes instructions for making your own functional radionics device

(Available in Spanish and English. Coming soon in Portuguese, French and Italian)

      • Diverse problem solving, achievement of goals, effective alternative therapy, personal development, satisfactory relationships, income generation, protection and a long etc.
      • Learn how to properly use the fascinating world of radionics to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.
      • Essential for maximum results
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Ideal for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of practical radionics with a unique course, aimed at getting the most out of their device.

    • How to accelerate the achievement of objectives
    • How to set goals
    • How to improve athletic performance
    • How to use radionics for alternative therapy
    • How to increase mental performance, concentration and results in studies and exams
    • How to improve personal and couple relationships
    • How to improve, increase and accelerate income streams
    • How to achieve goals and improvements in the business world or sales
    • How to increase personal charisma
    • How to protect yourself from negative influences of various kinds
    • How to surround yourself with positive vibes
    • How to make your home a source of energy well-being
    • How to apply radionics to decision making
    • How to use radionics for plants, seeds, fields, crops and pests
    • How to positively influence other people
    • How to use affirmations, decrees, colors and sounds
    • How to make messages for use in radionics
    • How to Use Radionic Ratios and Shape Waves
    • How to enhance diverse skills and accelerate achievements in diverse fields
    • How to use different radionics devices
    • How to use and get more out of radionics software
    • And a long etc.
    • Includes numerous demonstration videos
    • More than 250 folio-size pages of information (equivalent to more than 500 pages of book format)
    • Instant access online

You will also have information on how to make a functional radionic device, in less than ten minutes and with materials that you can find in your home pantry (or in any store for less than 5 euros (or dollars) (symbolic radionic device). Perfect for doing immediate experiments and observing results.

The Complete Applied Practical Radionics Course uses simple language, accessible and understandable by anyone. Exclusive course, not available on another website.

Now only for 149€

3 valoraciones en Complete Course in Applied Radionics – [English]

  1. Stephen Jhonson

    Wonderful learning. Incredible results, but I’d prefer to make written material available to the students.

  2. Michael B.

    Awesome. I really enjoyed the course. Definitely recommend.

  3. Marny

    Opens the mind for the better. This course is amazing.

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